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Gogia Baba

My father had to shoulder the responsibilities of our family at a very young age when my grandfather passed away. When I listen to the stories of my father’s early days of struggle I relate the role of GovindJi as that of Bairam Khan who had helped 14 year old Akbar to gain control of the Indian Empire.

GovindJi has his presence even in my earliest of memories. I used to call him Gogia Baba, because his name had syllables which I couldn’t speak, or probably because I had a habit of calling things as per my own dictionary. ‘Chamchi’ for spoon, ‘Tamtam’ for tomato, ‘Puggy’ for bump are some of the other such words I used then.

The reason why I still remember him well is because he was one of those staff members who used to adore me the most. I still remember him taking me for Mr. Pop lollipopor for the local fair in the city. I used to sit in the back seat of his scooter as I tried hard to hold my other hand around his huge belly which actually covered only half of his belly’s circumference. Still the attempt was soo desperate that my head used to get stuck on his back and I could only see half of the road for the rest of the trip. During the ride, every vehicle that he overtook with his speeding scooter made me excited and I had something to cherish.

As one gains more maturity one understands the reasons for everything clearly, which further reduces the excitement in one’s routine life. Does this mean that we grow up and grow old only to understand the futility of everything? If this be true at least make sure that you did actually cover everything including the other side of the road.