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This ‘Time’ will pass…

The secret of excellence is to stay calm in all situations be it tough or loose. Though said easily but its very difficult for any person to stay cool in tight situations as pressure induces errors. One of the vivid examples of showing courage is the captain of Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The way he handles pressure and shows courage is exceptional. This quality of the man has earned the India the World Cup in both formats of the game, i.e., T20 and the ODIs.

This ‘Time’ will pass…these are the exclusive words which can make a happy person sad and a sad person happy. It acts as an amphoter which nutralizes both happy and sad emotions.

As we are discussing here the control of mind in tough situations, it is at times very important to stay calm and composed even in normal situations. It is said never to make promises when you are happy, never reply when you are angry and never decide when you are sad. This saying actually increases the importance of the words above. It also emphasizes the importance of the control of mind.

Just wondering about the emotions of a person sitting in an examination hall with quotes below the clock saying This time will pass… will you?