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How to activate Facebook Timeline?

This blog was written when the Facebook Timeline was not public. At that time it was only for the Facebook developers, who develop applications and games on facebook. So in this blog we have discussed how to register as a facebook developer by following some simple steps. Once you are registered as a developer you can enjoy your own perks for being a developer. As its facebook’s mentality to offer new things to its developers before making it public. So even if you do have your facebook timeline activated, it is still advisable to register as a facebook developer for the privileges.

Facebook developer team has been very active in introducing new features and facilities to its users keeping in mind the simplicity of using the site. With so many users and even more updates there was a need to manage the updates in a more efficient way and hence as a result they are launching this “Timeline”. The design is not only cool looks but also is very simple to use and access older posts. Have a look at my Facebook profile which has this timeline activated.

Facebook Timeline

This feature of Facebook is currently reserved for the developers and will be public from after some days.  So you can always wait for this to come or else you can follow some simple steps to get it right now by becoming a developer. The developers are the privilege ones and most of the new features are firstly introduced to the developers. So its advisable to get before most of your friends get it by following some simple steps.

Step1 : Open the link Allow permission and then you will be directed to the developers page as shown in image1.
Step2 : Click on Apps on the facebook header. Now you will be directed to the link as shown in image2.
Step3 : Click on the tab Create New App then mention the Display Name and Namespace. (Ref. image3)
Step4 : Click on Open Graph, select Getting Started. (Ref. image4)
Step5 : Now you have to mention the two boxes with any relevant description. It could be like People can “watch” a “movie” or “read” a “book”. You can also try things like “fly” a “jet” and click on Get started. (Ref. image5)
Step6 :  Click on “save and next” to the newly directed page then to the new page that appears again click on “save and next”. Now click on save and finish to make the App. So now you have successfully created a Facebook App. (Ref. image 6,7 and 8)
Step7 : Now go back to your account and you will get an option to Get the Timeline. (Ref image9) Get it by clicking on the option “Get it Now”. If the  option to get the timeline doesn’t appear then you will get it as soon as you refresh your page.

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Congratulations you have successfully activated your Facebook timeline! Enjoy.
Do add a cover to your profile before you share it with your friends.