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A note for people supporting Anna Hazare’s fast for the Jan Lokpal Bill.

India’s Victory!
The hole country rejoices as Annaji ends his fast this morning after the Lok Sabha has passed the resolution containing the all the three important demands put forward by the India Against Corruption (IAC) which was enforced by the 13 long days of fasting by Annaji and a national movement to support the cause. Really a very important day for the country which seemed entrapped in the vicious circle of corruption as these aim to set the country free from corruption.

The whole nation fought for the cause and the fury which was inculcated by a series of mega scams took the form of expression when people all across the nation came on street to support Annaji. This was really creditable on the part of the citizens of the country as there was not a glimpse of violence in any of these protests.

When you really fight hard against something it shows the degree of hatred you have against that stigma. The intensity shown by the people in this movement actually implies that they want to eradicate every scar of corruption from India. Now that the Lok Sabha has passed the major points of the Jan Lokpal Bill the question that arises is that “Is this bill enough to eradicate corruption?”

In the country where from Prime Minister to a peon at a government organisation is accused of being corrupt. I don’t think this bill is enough to eradicate corruption. The key to eliminate corruption lies in the hands of the citizens. Its the common man that has to speak and react against any form of corruption. Once this common man gets involved with these activities I am sure we will free our country from corruption and that will actually be India’s Victory against corruption!¬†